BigFilmPartners - affiliate program online portal, combining hundreds of TV channels, movies, TV series and more.

We offer you - become our partner and receive a stable, growing revenue by attracting new visitors to BigFilm.TV


Receives from 2 up to 20 usd for each paying customers and 30% of each payment.


Where's the money?


With each new user who pays for access - you get 30% of the first payment,

and ALL subsequent payments !!! Thus, you get a permanent monthly income immediately!


When attracting more than 100 people interest rate is discussed individually.


Payments are made on the cards  PayPal, Webmoney, Yandex Money, QIWI.


Go through your referral link is stored in the cookie-file, which is set during the first visit of the user.

That is, even if the user signs up through your referral link immediately, it will still be listed in the statistics,

as your referral.


How to become a partner?

To become a partner, you need to:

1. Register online

2. Write a letter of intent on be a partner and to specify the username that you used when registering.

3. In the other letter to access the admin panel partner.


Where to advertise?

Everywhere. From forums, personal websites, blogs, social networking sites, email newsletters and finishing ads on poles and fences lanterns smile

Spam is prohibited in any form or methods of attracting, violate the laws of the Russian Federation.


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